Hot&cold Products-Identity Card

"A.S.D Sherman Ltd" company presents the Australian company "Techni Ice" and "Inter Fresh Concept" company in Israel. Both companies deal with logistic solutions of transport and distribution that require saving of cooling/heating chain that is continuous, guaranteed and cheap.

"A.S.D Sherman Ltd" company imports iceboxes to Israel, the 2-layer and 4-layer types. The products are International patent registered for multiple use.

The main features of the product: simple activation, saving of storage space, large surface, flexibility of the product, the ability to match the product to the customer's needs, optimal effectiveness of saving coolness/heat for many hours, while keeping a dry surrounding.

Cold&Hot, also has the ability of reducing the temperature of products beside it.

The product is distributed today to the largest retail chains in Israel: "Serpersol", "Blue-Square", "Rami Levi" and the fourth chain.

The product is distributed to the Ministry of Health and the Health Clinics and their main laboratories.

Cold&Hot is used for transportation of vaccine tests and drugs in Israel and abroad (Used for export shipments).

Cold&Hot was sold to the big catering company in Israel ISS that provides the aviation services of Delta company worldwide.

Cold&Hot is used in the agricultural field in Israel and worldwide for shipments of cuttings, fresh produce of green spices and flowers for export.

Cold&Hot is convenient and easy to use mainly for use in picnic boxes for trips of several hours or days.

"A.S.D Sherman Ltd" company employs the "Enosh Association" wards that are placed in "Mevo Choron" village, as part of the belief that employing the disadvantaged in a the Israeli Society will assist their rehabilitation and return to full involvement in the Israeli society.

The company distributes it's products, to it's serious customers, reliably, professionally and on a fast schedule by the largest distribution company in Israel "flying Cargo".

Sherman Dov- CEO.

Sherman Ohad-Operations and Marketing VP

We are happy to present the new Hot&Cold Technology , which allows huge improvement over the traditional icepacks, ice bags and dry ice.

The revolutionary product Hot&Cold  contains 4 layers that contain polymer/a special gel that remains frozen for many hours!

Hot&Cold is endlessly reusable and consists of two non-woven  textile layers, a textile that was specially developed by a formula that is a mercantile secret.

Two more plastic layers that contain unidirectional perforations of a special technology, are glued onto the textile layers. Thus promises that this new model can stand the roughest climate with a performance that can be described as revolutionary.

An impressive jump in the Hot&Cold technology has to do with the fact that the product  can be frozen up to minus 190 degrees Celsius.

Some of the Hot&Cold customers use the "Quick Freeze" to -80c while using different applications that are used as a complete alternative to dry ice. The release of temperature in the Hot&Cold products is slower and prolonged infinitely  more than the dry ice.

The revolutionary Hot&Cold product is successfully reusable even in home freezers. Hot&Cold can freeze to temperatures between minus 18c to minus 21c when the freezer is in an optimal situation.

The product Hot&Cold can also reduce the temperature of a product beside it.

Cold&hot is manufactured in Australia under supervision and the strict standard of ISO-9002 in the highest international standards.

Cold&Hot is a product safe to use with food with no danger involved.


Common Uses:


  • Transportation and distribution of drugs and vaccines.
  • Transportation and distribution of Veterinary drugs in Israel and Abroad.
  • Transportation of laboratory tests including blood tests and progenies.
  • Use for Physiotherapy needs (also for heating).
  • Use in Operating rooms in hospitals.
  • Distribution and temperature preservation of cosmetic products.
  • Preserving Insulin drugs for Diabetics in Israel and also while traveling.

Catering and Transportation of food

  • Distribution of deliveries in chains.
  • Distribution of picnic boxes as part of feeding Israeli children.
  • Catering companies for events and parties in outdoor garden halls.
  • Distribution of deliveries to trips, and outdoor operational activities. Preserving Kosher food for those flying abroad.
  • Distribution of chocolate products.
  • Marketing and distribution of  ready-made and delicate food (such as Pomegranate picking), in Israel and abroad.


  • Cooling of green spices for export.
  • Cooling of flower cuttings.
  • Peonies export.
  • Biological Control.
  • Distribution of Pond and Sea fish to stores and chains.

Home Uses

  • Outdoor picnics and trips.
  • Lunchboxes for children in school and kindergarten.
  • Limb injuries while doing sports activities.
  • An option of transporting drugs to chronically ill people that are need of cooling drugs while out of their home.